Avoid decoration pollution
■Author: yuhua     ■Time:2015-7-6



Recently, the "green decoration" has become a hot topic, which the companies have made provide a "green decoration" ads, materials are also introduced the "green building materials", with people naturally have to "green" home. For the attendant is what is "green decoration" and can truly achieve "green decoration" of the debate.

Consumers on indoor air quality requirements

For more than a decoration quality of the requirements of many decorated to reflect the company, now renovated, and attaches great importance is a "green decoration", the environmental requirements far more than the quality requirements of the trend. A customer said, even spent a wall of brush, I Do not smoked out of the past. Reporters from more than decoration companies understand that now more and more customers signed in the renovation contract, adhere to attach a final "terms of environmental protection" to do the decoration finished testing.

It is very difficult to achieve a green decoration decoration company said that in order to achieve "green decoration" to choose environmentally friendly building materials, materials standards, harmless to health and basic conditions. But now many materials can not environmental protection, in particular, paint, sheet metal and plastic. These materials are essential for decoration, under such circumstances, we should want to be completely renovated on the significance of environmental protection and "green" is not likely. In addition, the renovation is the full responsibility for environmental protection achieved by a decoration company commitment is unjust, because the decorative materials market is hard to grasp.

 On the one hand, some consumer demand with a "green" home, on the one hand and Henming lower prices, which are common place. The industry to remind consumers that if you only spend 50 yuan to buy a Daxin Ban, then it will be difficult to environmental protection and if your home renovation in the normal pricing is under 30,000 yuan, a home only to 22,000 yuan , With a "green" homes do not have too much hope.

 For indoor air testing, decoration company that does not have a unified country now on indoor air quality standards, testing agencies of the great degree of freedom, and sometimes you want to target you can target, there is no basis. Decoration company is pushed in the middle, to ensure that it is very difficult to feel green decoration.

The ability to achieve "green decoration"

There are two opposing views and said in front of the realization of "green decoration" have great difficulty in a different point of view, is that as long as in the decoration before the "pre-evaluation", restrict the use of certain materials in volume, the "green decoration" entirely capable of achieving . The so-called pre-evaluation, is in the decoration, the whole room under the load, to maximize the use of various materials to the amount of the budget, knew in advance after the decoration is the quality of indoor air pollution will be. This approach is based on the theory of each material is qualified products are "green", and can not ensure that the final results of the decoration is "green", because the number of qualified materials distributed harmful gases together, if more than The bearing of the room, residents will also cause harm.

Experts said that the use of certain materials in order to achieve demands, inevitably need to add a harmful chemical elements, such as paint in order to achieve Tushua requirements need to add solvents and additives. Therefore, the "green" is not absolute, as long as the human body can accept no more than the scope can be.