Epoxy Floor rapid development of the cause
■Author: yuhua     ■Time:2016-3-2

Epoxy Floor China has more than 10 years, from the development, diffusion, until the popular, and are now upgrading to the stage. As the Chinese market for polymer Floor has been generally recognized, its scope of application more widely, from a single industrial floor to public events more shopping malls, schools, public places of entertainment, home decorating vertical industry into the environment. In this process, the owners of the functional requirements of products increasing, the present Epoxy Floor, from the aesthetic, practical, environmental protection or the popularity of construction technology, will keep pace with the trend of the emergence of new features. Environmentally friendly, practical and aesthetic will be the future direction of Epoxy Floor, Epoxy Floor will move toward environmental protection, practical and beautiful. A few years ago due to Ping materials and construction technology are not on the standard norms on the market full of fake and shoddy products, the owners of polymer floor is love or hate, although Chi Jin suffered from, but it's still Fang Buxia Special advantages, have to do.


Foreign polymers, high-performance, multi-species Ping technology began to enter China, not only to our original indoor industrial Floor massive offensive, but also to the outdoor, public places, highways, railway stations, wharves, airports rapid promotion, Tastefully decorated objectives directed at the family market and has achieved a breakthrough. Epoxy Floor novel can be so quickly in these areas depend on the expansion of several major pursuit for many years and we can not solve the special features on a crucial breakthrough, this signifies that China's future development direction of Epoxy Floor .


Whether or coating is self-leveling method, as long as the general can not mirror the smooth visual effects, will be recognized as a problem of quality, color is gray and green grass accounts for more than 90%, and when we go out of the country see The polymer abroad Floor, Printing, the pressure sand, sealed, ventilation, drainage, the Mirror, Matt, concave, natural and peaceful. All of the various varieties everything, not to mention the color, not only colorful but also because of the use of color is assigned by the sand, not faded color unchanged. According to the owners and the deployment of love, fully embodies the humanity, harmony, in particular, its tenacity and clean the surface, orange peel pattern formation, uniform, non-slippery and easy to clean.


However, the new floor is the pressure regardless of the sand or inkjet, will put an end to such phenomena occur, but when the new owners want to replace the floor, review Tu renovation easy, because Epoxy Floor of the people on the senses Impact of a strong impact on the entire floor of the Chinese market aesthetics, when the introduction of industrial floor family social and public places, the design of the Epoxy Floor When an art to do, Epoxy Floor spring from us. On the close. Second is true: Epoxy Floor entered China more than 10 years, has been laying more in the area can not be calculated, the vast majority of owners still failed to make clear "the laying of the floor in the end what is material and what proportion." The vast majority of the owners even paint manufacturers, construction, have not understood why such ingredients, such construction. Confused many years, now suddenly need to give a clear account of the owners, who let the construction of their work in and use of new materials must be conducted to understand.


Finally, there is simplified. Floor pursuit of the novel are not the only materials used innocent, genuine, so that owners and construction to mutual trust between the more easily established, and although the requirements of the construction process is very strict and clear but very simple process, and product design when fully Reflects the interests of users for a construction plan, very humane. Environmental protection, pressure, impact strength, the effect of significantly better than non-slip tiles, marble, the pavement is simple, repair, re-Tu performance is all the other floors, and not the floor. This is a polymer floor of the revolution, believe that a new, beautiful, pure, simple, durable and Epoxy Floor era has arrived.